Saddle Up, pardners! It’s the home buying rodeo!

The hubby and I have decided to try and take advantage of low interest rates and this so called “buyers market” and purchase a home. Or attempt to, rather. Not that we are necessarily ready but here goes nothing! We calculated how much we can afford and based on the interest rate of the loan, how high we wanted to go in order to keep our monthly payment where we wanted it. We looked at homes on the internet, found out what our must have’s and deal breakers are, used mortgage calculators, added in property taxes and crunched numbers like crazy mofo’s.

We printed our credit reports and examined them and thought ‘well, what’s the worst that could happen? that they say no?’ , after all, my sister said we would be able to get approved. I don’t like ‘no’. We don’t get along. No is an evil word and all that it does is make me more determined. I guess that’s a  good thing.

There are things on my credit report that I didn’t know existed! For example: Did you know that some creditors report debts by address instead of name and/or SS#? They leave it up to you to dispute the validity of the debt. There’s only one problem with that… When I called the recovery group who held the debt, they said I didn’t owe them anything and that the debt had been from an account at my current address which is a rental! REALLY?!. I asked them if they could please remove it from my credit report and they said they would if I paid the balance on the account, that is not mine! Otherwise, I am S.O.L. Are you effing kidding me??? So I disputed the debt through experian and have yet to hear back.


This was the beginning of the giant roller coaster that is home buying.

 Up’s, down’s, loop de loop’s, anxiety and crushed hopes. Yep, strap in sister! It’s gonna be one hell of a scary ride! Crap. This is supposed to be easy! They make it look so easy on television! Liars!








My sister told me to go through an internet based home loan business. I felt really sketchy about it, so I didn’t. HA! If I can’t look someone in the face, shake their hand and physically sign my documents, you don’t exist to me, sorry, You’re a pretend robot that only exists in a computer.

I contacted a family friend of ours that has been in the real estate business for over 30 years and asked her for a referral. She gave me the name of a very nice lady who works for a local small bank and we began the prequalification process. Wow, we had to find paperwork that we a) hadn’t thought about for years and b) had no freaking clue where it was. We found all of that after a couple of days and sent it in and crossed our fingers and toes!

After a few days of agony, we got denied. Unpaid medical bills and divorce can really do a number on your credit! but, come on, that was a long time ago. We have been good, paid our bills on time for the last year at least! We are awesome at self deprivation. I’m a coupon genius, for crying out loud! lol

2.5 years ago I had a brush with cervical cancer. The bills that resulted from that are part of what got us denied. 4 Months ago, I had to have my left ovary removed. This has left us with about 3K in medical debt and as much as you try to work with people, it’s still there in black and white on your credit report.

BUMMER! But we did get killer copies of our credit reports from the bank for free that included our credit score, which we were too cheap to pay for when we printed out free one’s from Bonus! Sort of.




We were ready to give up, file for bankruptcy, wait two years and be super diligent with our bills. AND stop listening to my sister. Sorry, sister! I want to get a home loan the old fashioned way. Not from an internet robot.

ANOTHER family friend works for a brick and mortar mortgage company and my Mom explained our situation and asked her if she would help us. She says she is a miracle worker.  Sweet! So here we go again, a few weeks later. This gal says she can get us there in as little as 3 months. We shall see.

All we want is our own home, no more renting, roots, a place that we know is ours and we can change whatever we want (within reason) because it is ours. A place for our kids to grow and thrive and a place that they know is theirs forever. A place to have our family come to for the holidays. A place for my mother in law to come and stay comfortably for however long she chooses. A garden that I don’t have to plant in portable containers. A yard for pur kids and dogs to play in, permanence. Is that so much to ask? Maybe.

I have a feeling that this journey will be long. But I really hope that it pays off for us. Soon!








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