No clip coupon organization

So, I’ve been doing a new thing the last month. Every week, I was spending several hours separating, sorting, clipping and filing my coupons. I have two categorized 3″ zippered binders. One for consumables and one for non consumables & pets. Each binder has about 20 categories. This has worked very well for me the last two years.
I’m just not feeling the time consuming side of it it lately l, so I figured I would give it a shot.
One of the other blogs that I follow offers insert lists by area. You can select your city and there is a list for each insert. Cool!
So I dug a portable hanging file box with a handle out of the garage and printed the lists, organized the inserts by date, etc…
It’s been 3 or so weeks and it has been great and a lot less time consuming. 10 minutes a week vs 3 hours a week? Heck yeah! Why didn’t I do this earlier??!!
There’s one tiny little problem. I printed the lists for today’s inserts and the tray wasn’t out on the printer, so the pages went all over the floor. Crap! This forced me to go through and match up the sheets to the correct insert. I noticed that they’re waaaaaay off…. Which means that the last 3 weeks are most likely waaaaaaaay off as well.
New plan! If I want to continue the no-clip coupon organization, I’m going to have to type them myself. It took about half an hour, not bad! Now for the three prior weeks. Ugh.
Don’t get me wrong, I totally appreciate the time that the blog dedicates to making the lists every week! But! This is one of those times where if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. So I will.
What method works best for you?


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