No clip coupon organization- scratch that!

So, a while back, I thought I would try a new way to organize my thousands of coupons. I saw a blog post about “no clip coupon organization'” from a blog I follow regularly;  Fabulessly Frugal.

This was a GREAT idea for me as I spent hours upon hours every week clipping,  organizing and filing coupons. Not that it isn’t worth it, every hour I spend organizing is essentially money in my pocket. But, it wasn’t working for me and I’ll tell you why

1) I usually had no clue exactly what coupons I had, which left me saving less money and not building/replenishing my stockpile as much as I would have liked.

2) I spent about an hour a week just making the spreadsheet of what was in each insert, which I could have just added another hour or so to and I would have had everything sorted, clipped and filed anyway.

3) My memory sucks. Big time! When I saw a deal, I couldn’t remember if there was a coupon for it or not, what insert it could be in and what month to start looking for it in.

I needed a new method. So I asked a couple of fellow couponers what worked best for them and I decided to try the box method about a month ago and I am never going back! Finally! After 2 years of ‘”Extreme Couponing”, I finally have found the method that works best for me. WOOHOO!

I purchased a set of index dividers for non-food products and made another set for food. Why? Well, because I’m cheap. Those suckers are $6 a package! Yes, it would have paid off and yes, a lot of people would argue that it’s only $6 but, if I had the same mentality, I wouldn’t save as much as I do and that defeats my purpose.

Here is a picture of the super cool box method. Filed by product name. Way. Easier.











This was great! I was all organized and ready to file! Until……. I got a couple of weeks worth of coupons in and busted out of this box. SO! Plastic, not as cute shoebox sized tote to the rescue. Luckily, I have a stockpile of those also.


So now, when I see a deal on say, Dove. I flip to ‘D’ and there it is!


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